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Many factories in China pay wages below the legal requirements and work hours above both legal limits(40 hours a week, 36 hours per month overtime) and most company established limits(60 hours per week).Efforts to address these common non-compliance issues have primarily included periodic factory audits/evaluations by company or 3rd party monitors accompanied with corrective action plans,Loss of business for failing to correct any identified deficiencies or,factory termination.


In response to this common method of detecting non-compliance issues and pushing factories for corrective action,the majority of factories have created fraudulent records that show compliance to either the local law or a company's code of conduct.Further,to avoid detection of these fraudulent records,factories have coached their workers on how to answer questions posed by company monitors as well as modifying any/all factory records/documents that might prove the time card and payroll records were falsified.


The efforts on behalf of factories to hide the true wages and working hours have made it extremely difficult to assess compliance and to monitor progress against local law and/or a company code of conduct. In other words,most companies are not able to determine the actual wages and work hours for their factories in China.


WRIP Program

To address this industry-wide challenge,Sears Holdings Corporation developed the Wage Research and Improvement Program(WRIP) to work with venders and factories in China to evaluate the true working hours and wages under the goal of continuous improvement.The WRIP program,formally launched in 2004,attempts to partner with select vendors to gather more accurate wage and hour information for their factories so that we may work with them to develop detailed corrective action plans that have a higher likelihood for implementation and ongoing success.


为应对这种普遍的业界挑战,Sears Holdings Corporation公司与供应商及协作工厂合作,开展工资调查与改善计划(WRIP)(以下简称WRIP改善计划)。公司按照持续改进的原则,来评审其在中国的协作工厂的真实工时和工资状况。WRIP改善计划在2004年正式实施,主要内容是要求供应商及协作工厂提供准确真实的工时和工资记录,以便采取有效的整改措施达到持续改进的目标。

In exchange for longer corrective action timelines and consultation on ways to move into compliance,the progress requires vendors/factories to agree to provide complete information to Sears Holdings Corporation and to make gradual progress on both working hours and wage payments according to a detailed improvement plan.All WRIP Improvement Plans submitted must be based on accurate information and realistic predictions on working hours and wages. Sears Holdings Corporation will compare the WRIP Improvement Plan with other factories in the same area to determine if the plan is in keeping with industry standards. If a WRIP Improvement Plan is accepted, the factory must agree to the following:

为持续有效的辅导并推动工厂进行整改,Sears Holdings Corporation公司要求供应商及协作工厂提供真实完整的记录和详细的计划,来逐步改善工时和工资问题。因此,提交的WRIP改善计划必须基于工时和工资的真实情况及可能实现的预估。Sears Holdings Corporation公司会就同一区域的不同工厂进行比较,判断所提交的WRIP改善计划是否符合业界标准。如果被接受,那么工厂必须遵守以下几点要求:

1、   To be completely honest with Sears Holdings Corporation. They will not falsify records or coach workers.

2、   To track working hours for all employees either manually or through a timecard system (in accordance with Sears Holdings Corporation Code of Vendor Conduct Notice and Recordkeeping Guidelines).

3、   To guarantee the wage levels for all workers according to the submitted improvement plan. Any worker whose wages fall below these levels due to productivity (new, trainee, apprentice and slow workers) will be paid a "top-up" allowance equal to the difference.

4、   Any deductions for such items as food, dormitory, water and electricity will be documented properly and will provide to Sears Holdings Corporation upon request.

5、   Finally, a violation of the above four conditions may result in factory termination.


1、   必须诚信。不可提供虚假记录或训导工人。

2、   用考勤或工卡记录所有的工时(根据Sears Holdings Corporation公司采购准则中的文件记录保存补充指导原则)。

3、   按照提交的WRIP改善计划来确保所有工人的工资水平。任何工人由于生手(不熟练)、试用期或工作较慢者的工资低于预期约定标准的工厂必须补贴其工资以达到WRIP改善计划的标准。

4、   所有类似伙食费, 宿舍费, 水电费等工资扣项,必须有准确记录以便提交给Sears Holdings Corporation公司评审。

5、   最后,若有违反以上四项规定情况之一者,都可能导致工厂被终止合作关系。

Based on the acceptance of these terms, Sears Holdings Corporation will work with the factory to implement a detailed WRIP Improvement Plan and permit the factory to produce Sears Holdings Corporation merchandise. Sears Holdings Corporation will also agree to keep all information related to the WRIP Improvement Plan confidential to Sears Holdings Corporation, the vender(s) working with the factory, and the factory itself.

基于以上条件,Sears Holdings Corporation公司将与供应商及协作工厂共同执行此WRIP改善计划,并允许工厂继续生产Sears Holdings Corporation公司的产品。Sears Holdings Corporation公司保证对供应商及协作工厂提供的相关WRIP改善计划的资料进行保密。

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