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All factories must meet minimum standards in each of the following areas:


1. Employment Ethics雇佣道德

2. Health & Safety practices 健康和安全保障

3. Technical Competence, relative to the product they will produce 生产相关产品的技术能力

4. Quality Assurance systems 质量保证系统

Arcadia Group Supplier Code of Conduct供货商行为准则

When customers buy our goods they must be sure that they have been produced under acceptable conditions. That means the goods must have been produced :


* Lawfully, through fair and honest dealing;


* Without exploiting the people who made them;


* In decent working conditions; and


* Without damaging the environment


Legal Requirement法律要求

At all times you must meet the legal requirements of the countries in which you are working. 



Wages, working hours, entitlements and deductions包括工资、工作时间、权利及收入扣减等方面

You must meet the local laws on conditions such as minimum wages, hours of work, overtime and deductions.


(International Labour Organisation (ILO) Conventions 1,26,95,131 and Recommendation 85)

(国际劳工组织条款第1,26, 95,131条及推荐第85条) 

* If no laws apply, the conditions for workers must be at least as good as the usual  terms  for workers in the area doing the same type of work.


* You must give workers wage slips that they can easily understand.


Any deductions must be at a rate that is fair and reasonable by local standards.


* Overtime must be voluntary


Employing Children雇佣童工

You must not employ children, other than under the ILO convention number 138 and Recommendation number 146 which define a child a person younger than 15 years old.


* Apprenticeships and education-related work are acceptable as long as the child is not  being exploited, there is no risk to the child’s health, education and development and  you have the permission of the child’s parents. (Article 32 of the United Nations convention on the Rights of the Child)

 在不存在剥削, 及对儿童的健康,教育及发展无危害和父母同意的条件下, 儿童可以从事学徒和勤工俭学工作。

* you must check every worker’s documents to confirm their date of birth. If there are  no official documents available, you must take all reasonable and appropriate steps to  check the child’s age.

必须检查工人的证件以确认其出生日期。如果没有官方的正式文件可查,则必须采一切合理的,适当的方法去查明该儿童的年龄 。

Forced Labour强迫劳动

You must not use forced labour in your workplace or force people to work by threatening them with a penalty.


(ILO Conventions 29 and 105)(国际劳工组织条款第29 和105 条)

* You must not use forced labour (this is also known as “debt bondage”) or prison  labour.


Disciplinary practices纪律

You must not use, or threaten your workers with, physical punishment or any form of mental or verbal abuse.



You must employ and deal with all your employees fairly and without discrimination.


(ILO Convention 111 and Recommendations 111)

(国际劳动组织条款第111 条及修第111 条)

* You must treat everyone fairly, regardless of their race, religion, sex or disability.

 所有种族 、地区、性别或有残伤的员工, 必须一视同仁

Freedom of association自由结社

You must not prevent workers from joining legal associations.


(ILO Conventions 87 and 98)


Health , safety and welfare健康,安全和福利

Under ILO convention 155 and Recommendations 164, you must provide a safe place of work and you must meet all local laws relating to health, safety and welfare in the workplace. This requirement also applies to any accommodation you provide for your workers.


* You must appoint a senior manager who is responsible for the health, safety and welfare of employees, and you must do all you reasonably can to prevent accidents and injury.


* You must prepare health and safety procedures, regularly train your workers in these  procedures, and you must regularly test these procedures.


* There must be adequate lighting and ventilation.


* You must provide clean drinking water


* There must be adequate toilet facilities.



You must dispose of all the waste that is created in your factory in line with local laws, or in a way that will not harm the environment or the local population.


Monitoring and inspecting监察和检验

You are responsible for making sure that everyone in the supply chain knows about and complies with this code of conduct.


* You must keep records to show that you are carrying our regular reviews and checks.


* Our staff or representatives may visit your factory without warning to carry out  inspections.


* You must provide all the information we ask for to check that you are following this  code.


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